We envision to become a globally recognised customer-centric mega-organisation established on a strong base of proactive knowledgeable resources, unconventional innovation, state-of-the-art technology and simplified systems and processes. Team Trimoorty aspires to reach #1 in global foam manufacturing & conversion industry.

We are committed to keep all our efforts revolving around the objective of expansion in all senses. Expansion in new markets with expanding product lines to capture an ever-expanding customer base will be Trimoorty’s business goal in future.


We take pride in tracking an immensely dynamic and rapid growth journey of Trimoorty Autodeco Components Pvt Ltd. We’ve been constantly prioritized improved capabilities in development, manufacturing, engineering and marketing.

Our growth in long run will be based some core values that are more powerful. We aim to develop a high-quality, cost-effective and eco-friendly system without bypassing any regulatory compliance.


We’ve been focused on understanding customers’ needs and maintaining timely supplies of top quality components. Customer satisfaction for high-performing components has been our consistently achieved mission so far at Trimoorty Autodeco Components Pvt Ltd.

Our long-term mission is to make excellent engineering capabilities available at affordable costs, remain adhered to world-class, certified systems and maintain design, development and production under one roof, with reliable inspection facilities meant for QA.

Trimoorty Autodeco

Almost 3 Decades in Industry

With several awards and certifications, we have industry experience as rich as almost 30 years.

Tailor-made Solutions

Our specialised offerings that cover tailor-made solutions have remained the USP through all these years.

In-house Manufacturing

With best-in-class systems at our disposal, we have five in-house manufacturing facilities at Pune, Satara and Chennai.

Cost-effective Offerings

Our key offerings are cost-competitive, intended to connect with businesses of all sizes, especially under the Make in India initiative.

Our Dedicated Team



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