Trimoorty's Extensive Range of Products

At Trimoorty Autodeco Components Pvt Ltd, as pioneers in the foam conversion industry, our comprehensive product range encompasses self-adhesive/non-adhesive foam parts, fabric-laminated foam parts, aluminum-laminated foam parts, seals & gaskets, thermoformed components, PU molded foam components, heat shields/thermal jackets, over-molding plastic components, fabric insert-molded parts, foam parts, felt parts, foam tapes, door trims, and much more.

Angle Cutting Parts


Felt Parts


Foam Tube

Foam Tubes by Trimoorty Autodeco Components

PU Moulded Foam Components


self adhesive non adhesvie foam parts

Self-Adhesive-Non-Adhesive-Foam Parts

Thermo formed components

Thermo-Formed-Components by Trimoorty Autodeco Components

Heat Shield/Thermal Jackets

Thermo-Formed-Components by Trimoorty Autodeco Components

Aluminum Laminated Foam Parts


Fabric Insert Moulded Parts

Fabric-Insert-Moulded-Parts by Trimoorty Autodeco Components

Seals & Gasket

Seals & Gasket - Trimoorty Autodeco Components

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